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Ramping Up

We are getting ready to head off into the dusty Simpson desert very soon. I anticipate the desert to be still green in parts as there is still water about and at least one of our planned tracks remains under water – we’ll work out a detour when the time comes. I expect that we will be treated to the delights of the spectacular desert blooms like this one together with vast swathes of sand and big, big skies filled with billions of stars at night -am I excited – just a bit :).

Uni is wrapping up in a flurry with exams to mark and marks to post and next semester to prepare for.

Perhaps, most importantly, the SWAG (Stop Wilton Airport Group) continues to grow in numbers and activities. Following a hugely successful rally last weekend – despite the rain – we now have a website at http://www.stopwiltonairport.org so please visit it – the more hits the merrier we will be ! And, if you have a twitter/facebook/blog/website – I would love you to paste the link in for google’s sake.

Many thanks one and all. Speak soon from the desert .