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Almost Goodbye Shanghai

This is the group of fabulous students Professor White and I worked with at the Shanghai JiaoTong University. They are all Post graduate students undertaking research projects of various kinds. They are motivated, keen and a joy to work with. We have taken two workshops in addition to our undergraduate cancer nursing sessions. The latter has taught me the skill of brevity. I have found it difficult to tailor the content to undergrad levels and quantity and fear that i have lost the students for much of my lectures. Although – I have used a critical population of about 6 students around the room to watch carefully for nods of agreement and/or understanding. I have two sessions today, two tomorrow and then home. Much as I love travel, it has been a long 9 days. Shanghai is a vibrant cosmopolitan mix of ancient and modern and I also wish I had more time to explore.

I hope that this programme is able to continue and that the links we have developed grow strong – but it these are  very difficult to assess here.


Shanghai Teaching

Friday was Teacher’s Day in China and all over the country, at every school and university students gave their teachers a rose – isn’t that lovely. We were teaching a group of clinicians, post graduate students and faculty members and at the end of the session one of the students gave each of us a beautiful tin of biscuits. Sweet. Today we delivered the first researchworkshop to the post graduate nursing students at the Shanghai JaoTong University  – the students are enthusiastic and motivated to learn and to inquire – perfect pre-requisites for research. After (a very long and filling) lunch, I taught the 3rd year undergraduate nursing students the first 2 of 12 cancer sessions – cCancer Prevention and the role of the nurse followed by The Biology of Cancer. It was hot, after lunch and intensive teaching – I am surprised that most of the students remained awake. they took a little warming up as I think that they were more shy than challenged by language. The key points on my slides had been translated into Mandarin which helped enormously I think. There was a group of three students in the 3rd row who were interested and keen and this was great as I was able to use them as a ‘tell’ for understanding by watching their nods or quizzical looks:). It was good to complete that initial session as I was extremely stressed about I think  – hence my neurotic last post!!- now all is good on my planet!

Interestingly, having spent the afternoon talking about cancer and prevention – with particular reference to tobacco (did you know that one person dies from tobacco related illness every 9 seconds) – impressing on the students the opportunities available by seeing the ‘teachable moment’ – I went to a small Art-Deco cafe for a sandwich and a beer and got shown to a small room at the back which was the non-smoking area!

Tomorrow we deliver 4 hours of ‘Screening’, treatment principle and PsychoSocial aspects – the students are being asked to take a lot in over a short time but they seem resilient!