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Bookclubs ……..

I have been talking with a colleague who started a book club. I thought ‘what a wonderful idea’. This was not the studious, head down, only mutter deeply intellectual utterances kind of book club but one more in keeping with the joy of literature. Yes, that’s the kind that I might start  – one to celebrate literature and share ideas and thoughts in a convivial space, where there are no right nor wrong answers or ideas. Additionally, I should also take a leaf out of my colleague’s book (slight pun intended) and hold the monthly (or whatever) meetings at a dinner party – just small, 6 or so people taking it in turns to host and choose the book – 5 weeks notice to get and read the book, then meet to eat, drink and chat about a book. I am engaged and immersed in web 2.0 etc but this feels nice – tactile in a way, engaging the senses (I actually love the small of a book, particularity an old book) – Yes – this is a plan for post PhD (of course)!