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Time to think about my own HP….. again!

Restarted back at the gym this morning – having been a serial gym joiner at least returning to the same one is a step in the right direction I feel! It’s amazing: -I know the evidence; understand the links between exercise and health; teach patients  and nurses about the wonders of exercise (notably with regard to fatigue management); have set up exercise rehab clinics for patients on treatment and post bone marrow transplant; even feel great and energetic when in a ‘must go the gym everyday’ phase of life ….. yet why is it so hard? and, why can’t i remember how great I feel when in the phase! Somehow sloth and icecream takes over. I blame the Magnum Gold for much of my downfall, although some of the sloth may be self induced! But … this is it …. this phase is THE ONE. I plan to lose a few kilos, run 15 km, take a spin class (without making a complete fool of myself or requiring an ambulance) and be able to lift 30kg (this is so that I can change a wheel on the fourbie! It’s all very well having terrific butch all terrain tyres but one has to able to deal with the flat versions of them). We’ll see …. ahhhh, already slipping!