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The grass is often greener by the van……….

than in the car park, office etc ……. We have taken just a weekend and travelled an hour down the road – a mere 1/2 hour from work actually but we could be 1,000 miles away. The sense of peace and decluttering – no deadlines here. We’ll be back home on Sunday but it is amazing how re-energising it is to take a couple of days parked in the great outdoors. I haven’t looked at my emails once so far. The instinctive – nay compulsive- grab of the iPhone for a quick glimpse in case a pressing need has dropped into my mail box, is under control here. Better than that – the sheer joy of squeaky sand between my toes as the surf crashes onto the beach creating ever finer sand and the once enjoyed delight of picking up a book for mere pleasure – render this weekend a therapeutic wonder . I love my work but this…….. this, I love too. The van is 20 yrs young, was hand built, kept carefully in shed and came into our hands recently – a bargain of bargains and a simple palace on wheels.