The stalwarts and pioneers of the road

We spent some time paying homage and reflecting on the ways and means of transporting goods and chattels across Australia before bitumen or even roads at all. The Road Transport Museum is home, rehab hospital and graveyard to road trains, trucks, buses and all kinds of “road” transport from the first days of the motor vehicle.

Sponsored by Kenworth, the Hall of Fame housed a large number of very shiny and very large trucks from them across the ages. Theimage image image image image image image image ‘toughest truck on the road’ and it certainly looks like it. The cab requires an elevator to access with an abseil on the way out. Behind the space shuttle interior is a small suite for the driver’s every comfort – well, the Director’s 2914 model has this, most are much more basic.

The very first Road Train with tracking wheels ( like a tank) sat worn but proud  Steve found fond memories of painful backs, fatigue and little sleep came flooding back as he looked at the mighty beasts.

Staffed largely by volunteers living in caravans to restore the vehicles and with little sponsorship , this temple of yesteryear should be federally funded for without those brave and resilient men and women (yes indeed) of the big wheels Australia may look quite different today.  So thank you  .


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