Rocks, River Beds and Ancient Gorgeous Gorges

We have been without signal for some days but have enjoyed the most amazing vistas and got the trucks a new shade of “Dust”.
We got close up and personal with the sacred and big rock, Uluru. We watched the sun set and colour it magnificently – always finishing with a magical glow – from afar and from near. The show she put on was simply spectacular. We walked around the base and gazed at the changing colours and shapes up close. We saw her at sunrise from the back of camels – Diesel, Jill and Barnaby – and we flew in a scary chopper to see her in splendid isolation, rising high and in from the desert wilderimage image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageness. In the front seat, I kept hold of GoPro and camera so as not to touch anything – all those knobs, dials and buttons and no good handholds – not a good scenario! P kept things under control in the back, slapping hands if anyone’s paw looked like moving towards the ‘open/lock’ slider. Having gazed down in awe at the Rock, we flew over Kata Tjuta ( the Olgas). Mystically they sit, again, an isolated group of smooth, rounded rocks – not unlike a very large bunch of haemorrhoids from a distance!
I also saw the rocks at sunrise taking one for the team as they stayed warm in their beds – just sayin’). Fingers of sunlight first tickled and then touched the rocks – gradually lighting them up until they shone in the early morning light.
Next we headed around the Mereenie Loop to test the vans on rocks, dirt and corrugations and all parts remained in place. Helen Gorge was our next camp – situated towards the western end of the West McDonnells. The gorge was gorgeous and has a permanent waterhole ( one of six in the Finke River). The rock face rising majestically behind the homestead glowed with an orange hue evening and morning.
We visited Palm Valley and Boggy Hole – both all day adventures driving in sand, across boulders and rocks and along the Ellery Creek and Finke River beds. Palm Valley is home to West McDonnell Cycads – ancient and only found here. The rainforest is alive and well. We walked through ancient valleys and clambered across oxide stained boulders. We ate pies in the Finke River ( courtesy of the magnificent pie oven) which now needs a sports bra in the form of strapping following some deeply corrugated tracks.
Boggy Hole, a remote spot seen by Giles on his travels, lived up to its name as Steve provided a demonstration of how to best use MaxTrax in deep sand recovery. Moira simply drove straight across.
This day provided a wonderful stream of beautiful vistas, one after another as we made our way south along the Finke. White Ghost Gums shone brightly against the luminescent red rock faces rising high above. This ancient land is majestic and the art of Albert Namitjera was evident at every turn.
We drove and walked and clambered into stunning gorges, carved by the mighty Finke over the last 700 million years.
We sit in Alice now, awaiting the coldest night in their history!


One response to “Rocks, River Beds and Ancient Gorgeous Gorges

  1. So good to hear from you and what amazing pics. Yes we have been rugging up with CH on here. UK boils and we freeze!!!! Love PMS

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